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Welcome to BaileyTown USA

Big time value, small town service, that's the BaileyTown USA motto. It's a motto created from a need Matt Bailey saw in the cabinet industry. Dealers all over the Midwest were in need of a mid level cabinet line available by the kitchen or by the truckload, at a great value with lead times they could count on. That's when BaileyTown USA was created; with a mission of "Big Time Value, Small Town Service"

Our "Big Time Value" truly is Big Time! Cabinets made right here in the Hoosier state of the great USA, offering the most popular door styles, colors, and sizes, at prices only seen direct from the manufacturer. Our "Small Town Service" is the kind of service you would expect from the small towns of years past. With a 100% order fill rate, same day order acknowledgement, a 7-10 day guaranteed delivery time, with all deliveries taking place on Baileys own trucks.

BaileyTown USA - created for success. Success with our dealers, success with the home owner. A win win for all!

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